Hear From Daria


For many parents and adult students, the questions of when the appropriate time is to begin lessons and why, are often questions I am asked when someone is first considering or exploring lessons for themselves or their child.

The simple answer is: It is never too late to start learning an instrument-I strongly believe this to be true. In other words, if a parent is looking for lessons for their child, the earliest or youngest age that I would recommend is at the age of four. At four, basic motor skills and coordination are better developed which in turn, will help with learning the basic posture and position of the violin and bow go more smoothly and easily. Starting your child out early is beneficial, but not an absolute necessity. Put another way, if there is an expression...


Whether you are a beginner starting out at four or forty years old, playing violin will undoubtedly teach the art of patience; learning to have patience early in your musical journey, will be useful as you progress. It is absolutely natural to want to achieve something quickly and easily at any age-whether you are working on your very first piece ever, or the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto as a seasoned professional. However, before one’s performance at perhaps Carnegie Hall in New York City, there are three components that will undoubtedly lead to faster success and goal achievement including patience, practice, and persistence.

For many people, when the word practice is mentioned, the thought of long hours of non-stop practice comes to mind. However, the amount of practice that...