Studio Policy

Violinesse Studio Policy

- Lesson tuition: Payments are due on the first of each month for the entire month, no exceptions (i.e. June tuition is due June 1st for the month of June, and may not be paid retrospectively).

- Payments are made electronically.

- When there are 5 weeks in a month, tuition needs to be paid for all five weeks.

- Make-Up Lessons: Make-up lessons may be scheduled upon an agreed time between the teacher and student. Make-ups are based on schedules and availability, and may not always be possible. I have a no refunds and no lesson credit policy. There is also no guarantee for makeups.

- When paying lesson tuition, you are paying for a slot in my studio. Therefore, if a student misses or cancels a lesson and is unable to make it up, no credit will be given for the missed lesson.

- Cancellations: If a student needs to cancel a lesson, please give 24 hour notice whenever possible. I will do the same if I need to cancel for any reason.

- Practice Time: Each student is given his or her own tailored curriculum, therefore the amount of practice required from each student will be discussed based on the student’s individual level and goals.

- Vacation: When a student or teacher goes on vacation, tuition is still due as usual for that month, because. again, the tuition is to hold your spot in my studio.

- Recitals: Recitals will be held twice a year, and specific information will be given when each recital date approaches. There is a recital fee each time which covers the cost of the performance venue and the piano accompanist’s time.

- Studio Etiquette: Please be respectful to everyone and use an indoor voice as the studio is located in a professional business building. Please arrive early before the start of your lesson, and unpack your instrument in the lobby to ensure each student’s lesson begins and ends on time.

- Parent/Teacher Conference: If there are questions or concerns regarding your child’s lesson or progress please address this with me during your child’s lesson time, not after the lesson. If more time is needed for discussion, I am available via phone or text messaging.

- Picking the right instrument is absolutely crucial to your child’s success with the violin. If you do not already have a violin, please do not select one without me. I understand that some families are under a budget. If such is the case, I will work with your family to find the right violin at the right price.

- Parking: On-site parking is available in the building’s garage. Validation is also available. Please ask the receptionist in the lobby for help or questions about parking validation.

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